Graduate education can be a rewarding experience. There are many doors of opportunity that can be opened with a graduate degree that would otherwise not be available with only a bachelor’s level degree. In the Department of Horticulture, we pride ourselves on graduate students who produce excellent research that is significant to the horticulture industry. Our graduate offerings in horticulture include the M.S., M.Ag. and Ph.D. as well as a graduate certificate in public horticulture. Through one of these programs, you will be prepared for a career in teaching, research, business, production, public service or extension.

Master of Science and Master of Agriculture

The M.S. and M.Ag. programs in horticulture are individually tailored by the student, ensuring your studies are the perfect match for your individual career ambitions. Graduates of these programs are prepared for a variety of careers in industry as well as academia.

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Certificate in Public Horticulture

Public horticulture is an advancing field connecting traditional horticulture with public outreach. In public horticulture, your career could include public gardens, arboreta, the hospitality industry, community gardens, horticultural therapy, public garden administration and more.

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Doctor of Philosophy

The Ph.D. in horticulture is an advanced level of study prepare you for a variety of research, teaching or outreach careers in industry, academia or university extension.

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Graduate Conferences and Journals

As a graduate student in the Department of Horticulture, you will be encouraged to present your professional research in academic conference settings as well as in academic journals.

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