Graduate Student Program

I am always looking for enthusiastic and qualified graduate students. If you are interested in a graduate program in one of my areas of research or something similar, please contact me!

Here is a list of my current and former graduate students and their research projects:

Graduate Students

Jennifer Morash Flooding tolerance native plant species for use in rain gardens 2015
Jeremiah DeVore Propagation of Threatened Native AL Plants 2015
Judson LeCompte Effects of irrigation water salinity on survival and growth of selected landscape and green roof plants 2013
Amanda Meder Effect of plant and substrate selection on nutrient removal in rain gardens 2013
Rachel Meriwether Cooperative extension and propagation for Cano Negro, Costa Rica 2011
Kaye Jernigan Nutrient uptake and plant selection in southeastern rain gardens 2010
Laureanne Bond Wildflower propagation and production in Alabama 2010
Katie Werneth Implementing the Alabama Yards and Neighborhoods program 2010
Abby Bailey Landscape irrigation requirements for native shrubs 2009
Scott Hanes Sustainable planting practices for native landscape shrubs 2009
Julie Guckenberger Above-grade planting with organic matter improves growth and physiology of native shrubs 2007
Matt Wilkin Effect of irrigation frequency on growth and physiology of native shrubs 2007
Brian Jackson Cotton gin compost as an alternative substrate for horticultural crop production. 2005

Undergraduate Students

Connor Ryan Effect of production environment and fertilization on growth of juvenile Sarracenia leucophylla 2014
Aaron Heffelfinger Hydroponic propagation of difficult-to-root plants 2010
Whitney Griffin Propagation of native endangered Cahaba lily (Hymenocallis coronaria) 2006
Loreal Brooks Stem cutting propagation of herbs for the southeastern United States 2005
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