Graduate Conferences and Journals

As a graduate student in the Department of Horticulture, you will be encouraged to present your professional research in academic conference settings as well as in academic and professional journals. The following are a few examples of where our students have successfully presented or been published.


SNA Research Conference

The SNA Research Conference is held annually in Mobile, AL in conjunction with the Gulf States Horticultural Expo and is the most frequently attended conference of students in landscape horticulture. Titles for papers must be submitted by the due date, and brief papers are due to the appropriate Section Editor. Consult SNA guidelines for format details. Oral presentations are 7 minutes in length, with an additional 3 minutes allowed for questions. Guidelines for oral presentations and posters are available each year in conjunction with the call for titles. See the SNA website for more information on submitting your research.


ASHS — Southern Region Meeting

The ASHS – Southern Region Meeting is held annually in February at various locations. Titles must be submitted by the due date, normally around October 1, with the abstract due at the meeting. Oral presentations are 12 minutes, with an additional 3 minutes for questions. Dues of $40.00 per year, payable to ASHS-SR, should be remitted at the meeting and must be remitted prior to publication of the abstract.


Alabama Fruit and Vegetable Growers’ Association

The Alabama Fruit and Vegetable Growers’ Association (AFVGA) conference is held annually at various locations in Alabama. There are poster presentations during the conference. For information regarding deadlines for submission of abstracts, see your advisor.


Other Research Presentations

Other presentations may be made depending on the nature of a student’s work and the opportunities available. Graduate students are advised to consult with their major professor concerning appropriate forums for presentation of research results. Each graduate student is expected to present the results of his or her research. These presentations broaden the extent of the student’s horticultural knowledge in general, provide training in developing presentations, develop self confidence in speaking before groups, and promote the achievements of the students and the Department of Horticulture at Auburn University.


Research Publications

Contribution to the scientific literature is the ultimate application of the graduate student’s research endeavors, and all M.S. and Ph.D. students are required to submit results of their work to appropriate journals for publication. The major professor is responsible for providing directions as to which journal the work is most suited for.