Photo of Steve Marple

Steve Marple


Current Position
Hatchery Manager
Peter W. Pfeiffer Fish Hatchery
Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources

Current Location
Frankfort, Kentucky


Given the responsibility of two species restorations for Kentucky, lake sturgeon and alligator gar; entrusted with the basic design of the new building and ponds currently under construction

What Steve Does Now

I live onsite to manage all aspects of operation of the Pfeiffer Fish Hatchery that currently has 41 acres of production ponds, eleven various buildings, and three residences. This hatchery has seven full-time employees and three seasonal that produce about 90,000 pounds of fish for distribution across the entire state of Kentucky. The hatchery produces fifteen species of fish including catfish, sauger, hybrid striped bass, lake sturgeon, and alligator gar. The hatchery had renovations in 1992, and is currently undergoing a 4.5 million dollar expansion project that I help design and oversee.

Auburn Memories

I met my wife Jill on my second day at Auburn. She and many other students in the fisheries program were former Peae Corp volunteers. The department had a number of international students. We all enjoyed great parties with food from various cultures. I also had a good time working together on the Fisheries Research Station with the station supervisor, Randall Goodman, and professors, Homer Schmittou and Rex Dunham.