Study Abroad

International experience will enhance your college education in unparalleled ways. That’s why, as a student in horticulture at Auburn, you’ll have the opportunity each year to travel abroad, gain the perspective of different cultures, expand your worldview and build a personal insight into the global marketplace.  We have two different experiences to choose from: our Study Abroad in England, and the Henry P. Orr Study Tour.  

Study Abroad

Our host institution is Pershore College in Pershore, England, in Worcestershire near Evesham, one hour south of Birmingham. This program allows a student to receive about the same credit (14 – 16 semester hours) as a normal spring/fall term in Auburn for a similar total cost to an on-campus term. The class aspect, content-wise, will not be greatly different than receiving the same content on campus at Auburn. However, the international aspect of this experience is where the great gains will occur. The following classes will be included:

  • Growth & Development of Horticultural Plants (3) HORT 3000
  • Landscape Gardening (will include construction incorporating CAD) (4) HORT 2210
  • Horticulture Crop Production (3) HORT 2020
  • International Travel in Horticulture (2) HORT 3840 (elective credit allowed if AU GPA  is above 3.0)
  • Plants and People: A History of Gardens in Cultural Context (3) HORT 3110 (New! Can be used as a Group I or Group II elective)

The academic portion of the program is tentatively set for May 2016 through June 2016. The price of the trip will cover tuition, airfare, lodging, board, instructional materials and books and required in-country transportation. The fee will not cover passport fees, phone cards and other incidentals. PACT plans, scholarships, Voc. Rehab. Monies, and student loans can be applied towards the cost if you have such available. This is a particularly good deal for out-of-state students, who would normally pay about three times as much to take the same credit load in Auburn.
We are able to accept between 12 and 20 students for this program, through an application process. Please note that AU requires a 2.25 GPA and minimum age of 19 years by departure. There will be at least one Auburn faculty member on-site throughout the six-week program. The program will enhance students’ opportunity for future employment in that many companies, and particularly government agencies, desire a graduate who comprehends the global economy. The Port of Mobile, USAID, USDA, the Alabama Department of Ag and Industries, US Customs and others focused on homeland security need agriculture graduates with a global mindset.
The academic aspect of the Study Abroad program is to deliver, at minimum, the same content a student would receive at Auburn. However, the cultural experience and the historical aspects of this experience will be unparalleled. We will have coordinated tours to public and private gardens upon which the very principles of modern landscape design were built, along with opportunities to visit some of the premiere golf facilities in the UK. We will provide overviews of the political system, agricultural and industrial nature, and natural resources of Great Britain, and insights into how grower associations work.

Henry P. Orr Study Tour

Each spring, the Henry P. Orr Foundation sponsors a study tour, International Experiences for Horticulture Undergraduate Students. Each tour provides a 7-10-day study-abroad opportunity for five students and a faculty member. A majority of the costs are covered by the Orr Foundation.