Edgar-HeadshotEdgar Vinson

Extension Specialist 

Horticulture Department


Ph.D. Auburn University
M.S. Auburn University
B.S. University of Alabama

professional affiliations

Alabama Watermelon Association
American Society for Horticultural Science – Southern Region
American Society for Horticultural Science – National
International Society for Horticultural Science
Gamma Sigma Delta Agricultural Honor Society – Auburn University
  • Assessing adaptability and production potential of newly released cultivars and advanced experimental lines of multiple specialty crops
  • Use of rest-breaking chemicals in the amelioration of low chill hour accumulation in peach trees with moderate to high chill hour requirements
  • Invasive insect species IPM in fruit production
  • Production systems to improve sustainability of specialty crops

Involved in statewide Extension programming for the fruit industry

Select Publications

  • Vinson, E.L., III, E.D. Coneva, J.M. Kemble, F.M. Woods, E.G. Fonsah, P. Perkins-Veazie, J.L. Sibley. 2015. Investigations of Phenological Responses to Determine Banana Fruit Production Potential in the Coastal Region of Alabama, USA. J. of American Pomological Society 69:164-167.
  • Hu, Yilanna, E. Coneva, E. Vinson, J.R. Kessler Jr., J. Spiers, and J. Ducar. 2012. Assessment of the Feasibility of Growing Pierce’s Disease Tolerant American and French-American Hybrid Bunch Grape Cultivars in Alabama. J. of American Pomological Society 66:220-222.
  • Vinson, E.L. III, F.M. Woods, J.M. Kemble, P. Perkins-Veazie, A. Davis. J.R. Kessler. 2010. Use of External Indicators to Predict Maturity in Mini-Watermelon Fruit. HortScience 45:1029-1033.
  • Gordon, G.G., W.G. Foshee, S.T. Reed, J.E. Brown and E.L. Vinson. 2010. The Effects of Colored Plastic Mulches and Row Covers on the Growth and Yield of Okra. HorTechnology 20:224-233.
  • Wilson, J.C., E.K. Blythe, D.M. Cole, E.L. Vinson, III, and J.L. Sibley. 2002. Nitrogen Release Rate Differs by Fertilizer Source. Small Fruits review (submitted 3/10/92).
  • Simonne, E., B. Hochmuth, J. Simons, E. Vinson, III, and A. Caylor. 2002. Evaluation of New Okra Cultivars for Bare Ground and Plasticulture Production. HortTechnology 12(3), p 470-476.
  • Mayfield, J.L. , E.H. Simonne, C.C. Mitchell, J.L. Sibley, R.T. Boozer, and E.L. Vinson, III. 2002. Effect of current fertilization practices on nutritional status of double-cropped tomato and cucumber produced with plasticulture. J. Plant Nut. 25:12-18.
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